Drawing sketches using a TabletPC

I start to like my TabletPC :)

I just found two great applications for drawing sketches using a TabletPC:

Ambient ArtRage 1.0. Freeware. Nice effects, intuitive GUI. Sometimes somewhat slow in response (there’s a noticeable lag).
Alias Sketchbook Pro 1.0.3. A commercial tool (free trial) with a very intuitive GUI and a very realistic look and feel (nice work, guys! Kudos!). Excellent, like real, but with the advantages of digital imaging :) That’s how I imagined to use my TabletPC! As a bonus feature, Alias offers useful background templates for free download (among them some cool story board templates :). Have a look at the insightful Penny Arcade SketchBookPro tutorial! For artists (painters, designers, ..) the TabletPC concept is really a “must-have-a-look-at”!

Further, I’ve installed the enhanced Wacom TabletPC driver which enables pen pressure level support for legacy applications.

In other news, I’ve posted a couple of messages to microsoft.public.windows.tabletpc.developer
I hope this will help me make Chinese handwriting recognition work.

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