Belkin Zero Stand for MacBook Pro

Belkin’s stylish Zero Stand is the ultimate solution for your MacBook or MacBook Pro, providing an optimal viewing angle for comfortable, everyday use.


  • Rubber grip keeps laptop in place
  • Open design improves airflow
  • Clutter-free cable management
  • Easy to assemble

via Belkin Zero Stand for MacBook Pro – Apple Store (U.S.).

Haven’t tried it yet with my 13″ MacBook Air, but this stand seems to be pretty good (though expensive) according to reviews (youtube video).

(Thanks to @fjoachim for the hint)

Essential iOS apps: Headquake by Sonic Emotion

Headquake® by Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D offers the listening experience on the go. Headquake is the world’s premier sound enhancement app out there that takes you to another dimension! Listen to your iTunes library of music in a never before heard quality, that is personalized to your favorite type of headphones. You will listen to music as if you were there live and not wearing headphones! 

Headquake is plug and play. The app will automatically sync your iTunes music so all you need to do is press play and enjoy! 

Headquake is available with unlimited use at $.99.

Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D Sound – the listening experience for all consumer audio products.

The depth that Headquake adds to a plain stereo signal is amazing. When listening to music on my iPhone I always use Headquake, if possible.