Gentoo: “Silent” upgrade from Apache 2.0.x to 2.2.x

Finally, Apache 2.2 is running fine on this server! :) Upgrading, i.e. manually merging all the changed configuration files, recompiling old Apache modules (unfortunately, Gentoo doesn’t care about this automatically) was quite an effort though. The “silent” upgrade was thus not silent at all but rather just silently ended with a no longer working Apache and the according web server downtime. Conclusion: I should really rethink whether I want to stick with Gentoo for this server or rather switch to something more administrator-friendly like Debian, SUSE or Fedora.

My mobile/cell phone currently out of service

Unfortunately, my mobile phone broke during my (nice :) vacations and therefore, I can’t be reached by mobile phone currently. Please use e-mail (mettlerd “AT” numlock “DOT” ch), skype (‘mettlerd’) or instant messaging (see below) instead:

Skype: mettlerd (most likely reachable, preferred)

ICQ: 196122009

MSN: (don’t use this account for sending mail)

AIM/Groupwise: dmettler (business account)

Google: (don’t use this account for sending mail)

Jabber: (don’t use this account for sending mail)
I intend to buy a new mobile phone the upcoming weekend (If the Apple iPhone was available in Switzerland I’d buy one. Unfortunately it isn’t.. too bad for Apple and myself. Any suggestion for another decent mobile phone to buy?)

MODx Content Management System, Magnolia CMS, Alfresco

I’ve just discovered the new ajaxified, PHP-based MODx Content Management System. It looks and feels great (test it here!). If there wasn’t any need for a dedicated admin interface (i.e. instead, content editable in-place for privileged users), it would be even more userfriendly. Maybe that’s the next step to take?

Another not-yet-ajaxified but nonetheless cool CMS (JEE based, supports JSR-170) I already mentioned before: Magnolia CMS (live demo, currently out of duty).
Further, a nice JEE based Open Source DMS/CMS/ECM supporting JSR-170: Alfresco.

For this site, I might switch to MODx instead of keep using WP (which basically still fights with the same problems it always did). The more as I’ve been dealing with AJAX professionally for a while now (but focussed on JEE as the enterprise server platform). As a DMS, Alfresco would come in handy. Now all I need is enough spare time to realize my plans ;)

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