goScreen rocks :)

Praise to Andrei Gourianov, the creator of goScreen, the only really usable virtual desktop manager for Windows. He recently managed to send me my license key within a couple of hours.

The not-so-good precursor: On that said day, my trial version of goScreen (or rather, a very central part of it, the desktop maps) stopped working without prior warning (very unusual for shareware) – unfortunately in a very bad moment for me! There was no way to make it temporarily work again (e.g. by prolonging the trial period), so I had to wait for my license to arrive to continue using goScreen. The good outcome: Andrei was very understanding, responsive and co-operative and sent me my key within exceptionally short time. That saved my day and work, Andrei! Thanks again!

Kudos also to Attila who told me about goScreen the first time. I always missed something like this on Windows.

“Choosing a UI Markup Language”

The Fair And Biased Blog: Choosing a UI Markup Language

I have similar challenges regarding my thesis (Working title “Government Application Integration/G2G Architecture: The Design of the Presentation Level Integration”). It’s difficult to choose particular technologies and standards if you need to design the software architectures and solutions for 2012+. It often boils down to using a subset/intersection, which is a pity, but sometimes the only way to cope with uncertainty and risks. Not limited to presentation level technologies for sure.

(via Ben)

JBoss and JOnAS on Gentoo, Debian and SuSE

Gentoo 2004.1:

* emerge jboss. Note that the directory layout of JBoss on Gentoo differs from most other distros’ and JBoss’ official layout (you’ll thus need to adjust a couple of ant variables to make the examples work).
* There isn’t any ebuild for JOnAS yet. Install it manually or – better – write an ebuild.

SuSE 9.1 (Professional):

* There are rpm packages both for JBoss and JOnAS. Rpmseek: JBoss and JOnAS

Debian Unstable:

* apt-sources for JBoss
* There aren’t any apt-sources for JOnAS. Create your own deb of JOnAS and become a package maintainer.

Technical/business English

Recently, Christian gave an interesting talk how to write correct technical/business English. I hope I can adopt the rules he mentioned, both for my technical writing in papers and in this weblog. Concerning this weblog, I should most importantly try to avoid any expressions that might be perceived as rude, offensive or in any other way inappropriate. This probably isn’t as easy as it sounds as different cultures perceive things differently.

The slides of Christian’s presentation are available on request only (Send him an e-mail message). As a good starting point, he also recommends reading “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk, Jr. which appears to be a classic. Another good web resource: The following Wiki entry.