My mobile/cell phone currently out of service

Unfortunately, my mobile phone broke during my (nice :) vacations and therefore, I can’t be reached by mobile phone currently. Please use e-mail (mettlerd “AT” numlock “DOT” ch), skype (‘mettlerd’) or instant messaging (see below) instead:

Skype: mettlerd (most likely reachable, preferred)

ICQ: 196122009

MSN: (don’t use this account for sending mail)

AIM/Groupwise: dmettler (business account)

Google: (don’t use this account for sending mail)

Jabber: (don’t use this account for sending mail)
I intend to buy a new mobile phone the upcoming weekend (If the Apple iPhone was available in Switzerland I’d buy one. Unfortunately it isn’t.. too bad for Apple and myself. Any suggestion for another decent mobile phone to buy?)

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