Real Thought for Food for Long Workouts – NYT

BTW, I’ve just stumbled upon this NYT article, which basically states that “normal” food is just as suitable for recovering from workout as “protein drinks”, “power bars” and all that stuff. IMHO, that’s no surprise. The interesting thing however are the numbers they give[1]:

“10-15 grams of protein is probably adequate for any adult” (one egg has 6 g of protein, 2 oz [about 57 g] of chicken has >12 g)

Personal Best – Real Thought for Food for Long Workouts –

[1] [EDIT 20080720: For comparison: The Isostar nutritionists recommend 0.8-1.5 g protein per kg of body mass per day, i.e. 64-120 g for an adult of 80 kg]

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