Thunderbird Add-on: S/MIME Security for Multiple Identities

I’ve just found and installed the following add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird:

S/MIME Security for Multiple Identities

It allows you to use a different S/MIME certificate for each of the different identities (i.e. “e-mail address aliases” or “profile aliases”) you defined in your Thunderbird profile.

It’s currently still marked as an experimental add-on and I’ve noticed a minor glitch in v0.3.0 when using it (see my add-on review), but this might also be related to the fact that I also use the Virtual Identity add-on (another nice add-on which allows you to use an arbitrary sender address for sending messages).

The “S/MIME Security for Multiple Identities” add-on is very convenient if you have multiple e-mail accounts and want to use S/MIME message signing and/or encryption with all of them.

Bonus hint: You can get your own, personal S/MIME certificates for free at Thawte (for e-Mail only) or StartCom/StartSSL (also offers free class 1 SSL/TLS certificates for FTP servers, web servers etc. -> the latter don’t “work” with Internet Explorer, however).

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  1. Hello,
    thanks for the nice info on this plugin. I might use it. Right now I have a different challenge and maybe you have solved it already? I used to use Enigmail but now I’m forced to go to S/MIME. With enigmail it was possible to create rules dependant on the recipient if things would be encrypted by default or not. I’m searching this functionality as plugin for S/MIME.
    Currently I can only set default encryption for all my mails and recipients for which most do not have S/MIME so I manually have to disable encryption again most of the time.
    But if I make it default to not encrypt I fear that I will forget to turn it on for the few important mails (absolutely MANDATORY).

    So I need a plugin that looks at the recipient address and turns on S/MIMI encryption if rule exists. Turns it off in all the other cases. Stumbled over something like that?

    Thanks a million for any help.

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