Interesting topics at 21C3

This list is merely a pointer for myself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the many VJ-related topics at 21C3 – hence I’m at home instead of attending 21C3: The Usual Suspects (BTW funny iPod advertisement spoof – Apple’s marketing division obviously hit the bull’s eye once again ;). At least I can cure my sore throat now ;)

21C3: Anti-Honeypot Technology
21C3: AVG ain’t vector graphics
21C3: Biometrie Überwinden
21C3: Black Ops of DNS
21C3: Bluetooth Hacking
21C3: Ciphire Mail
21C3: Cored Programming
21C3: Internet censorship in China
21C3: Introduction to 3DJ
21C3: Introduction to Cubensis
21C3: Introduction to ES-X
21C3: Introduction to Play
21C3: MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday
21C3: Mixing VJing and Post-Production
21C3: Natural Language Steganography
21C3: Next-Generation Peer-to-Peer Systems
21C3: Old Skewl Hacking: Infra Red
21C3: On finding the score to visuals
21C3: Passive covert channels in the Linux kernel
21C3: Pirate Radio
21C3: Pixels want to break free of the screen
21C3: Pixels want to dance
21C3: Pixels want to talk
21C3: Practical Mac OS X Insecurity
21C3: Pure Data and Gem for VJs
21C3: SAP R/3 Protocol Reverse Engineering
21C3: Secure Instant Messaging
21C3: Sicherheitsanalyse von IT-Grossprojekten der Öffentlichen Hand
21C3: Sicherheitsmanagement
21C3: State of Emergent Democracy
21C3: The Blinking Suspects
21C3: The Fiasco µKernel
21C3: The Kernel Accelerator Device
21C3: Tor
21C3: Unsicherheit von Personal Firewalls
21C3: USB – Unbekannter Serieller Bus
21C3: Verdeckte Netzwerkanalyse
21C3: Verified Fiasco
21C3: Voting Machine Technology
21C3: Wirklich selbst denken oder durchdrehen
21C3: xDash
21C3: XMPP/Jabber

(Credits to Firefox, Vim and regexps which greatly simplified the task of compiling this list :)


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