goScreen 5.0

goScreen 5.0 has been released. Excerpt from the e-mail:

This version features
* application window layout management,
* possibility to start several instances of goScreen on multi-monitor
systems to manage different PC monitors independently, and
* possibility to create and use different configuration profiles in registry.

Layout management makes it possible:
* to define preferred size and position of application windows, and restore it with a single shortcut command;
* to temporarily rearrange all windows on the current screen page so they are all visible
* to find a window you need; once you find and activate it, all windows will return to their previous positions, with the one that you needed at the top of the stack;
* to pack all windows on the currents screen page while working with several documents at once – goScreen arranges them so they are all visible and maintains the order. Any window on the page is always one mouse click away.
* to temporarily move all application windows aside so the desktop is visible
* to open yet another document, or start an application. Once you do, all windows return to their previous positions.

I like goScreen. In fact, I almost can’t imagine working without it when using Windows. It definitely increases my productivity. I like goScreen’s licensing policy too (upgrades are free for registered users). The only trouble I have with goScreen (even with v5.0): Sometimes, the window list unwantedly pops up. I’d like to be able to permanently switch off the window list.


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