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  1. Hi Dani, I didn’t realize you got a real blog man. Welcome!
    But I think you CSS has some flaws (or, optionaly IE has) in my IE you side table is floated to the buttom, instaead of displayed on the left to the entries… maybe you care to fix it?

  2. yep, i know :/ chances are that we see some ie flaws here as both the xhtml and css seem to be valid (for demonstration purpose i’ve removed an earlier temp link story which contained a lot of unencoded ampersands making the whole page invalid xhtml):


    further evidence: the page looks fine (the menu appears on the right) with the latest mozilla firebird (or whatever it’s called now ;) on win/linux and konqueror on linux. the same goes for the original mt theme.

    however, i am not happy with this situation. relying solely on css for formatting might be the right thing from a theoretical perspective, but in practice, many often-used browsers probably can’t handle it properly. thus offering a “nasty” table layout as a fallback solution if css doesn’t work (as seen with my previous news page) might be more adequate.

    eventually i’ll switch to another blogger soft anyway (e.g. to http://blogs.linux.ie/ or http://www.blosxom.com/
    or any of its forks)

    i see what i can do.. (i hope the ie dev team does its homework too ;))

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