New prez and blogging plans @ ICU

As a nice surprise of the day, I’ve found out that Asha, the recently elected new president of ICU, is a blogger too :) Certainly a good omen for her plans to push blogging and interlinking among ICU and other student communities! Go for it, Asha :)

Many thanks to the former team for its great work and, as expressed in my comment already, grats and all the best to the newly elected ICU board and the whole “crew”!

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  1. Hey Dani!
    What a great surprise it was, as I read your comment on my blog today and I was actually sitting with Daniel Laniczak in the ICU office. And I was like how did he find my page, because I have not published nor told to anybody at ICU about my blog until today. So Daniel said, this must be Daniel Mettler he also couldnt figure out, how you got to know about the page.

    Well thank you very much for your well wishes :)
    Take care and wish you a great weekend

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