Kami.ch, a nice t-shirt printing service in the Greater Zurich area

For the past X’05 Swiss marketing expo, I wanted to print some guerilla marketing promo t-shirts for us. First, I tried McShirt.ch in the Niederdorf in Zurich. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to import my professional-grade vector graphics file (in Adobe Illustrator format) into their plotting application. I had my TabletPC with me and even simplified my design and converted it to other well-known and standardized file formats (PDF, PostScript, SVG) in order to make it easier for them (Note that I spent more than an hour in their shop waiting for them to succeed). However, they just didn’t manage it – and that’s what I call an unprofessional service, despite of kind personnel. A bummer.

So I looked for an alternative – and surprisingly I found an excellent one! :) The very recommendable t-shirt printing company is named Kami Textildruck and is located a bit outside of Zurich, in Wallisellen. They were very professional right from the beginning, with kind and correct information given on the phone and by e-mail. They had no problem at all with my graphics file and they produced our custom t-shirts within only 1.5 days (half of the time it would have taken at McShirt) for just a slightly higher price. Further, Kami uses professional printing technology which results in a much better and more durable print than that of McShirt.

Hence my predicate for Kami: highly recommended! Thanks, Kami team!

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