i’m im’ing now ;)

icq: 196122009 (thanx to stephan for tips). ids of other im providers will eventually follow. i know that i already have a msn id (iirc “h2o_ch”) (“thanx” to windows xp product activation), but i did not use it so far (i guess it’s not supported with my current im client). i also set up an icq account long ago, but unfortunately i don’t remember its id/credentials (r.i.p.). further, as soon as i got my powerbook i will create an id for the aol im (as this is supported by ichat). btw the powerbook will be shipped with mac os x 10.3 “panther” included :)

currently, sim doesn’t work as expected yet (my server-side contact list isn’t available and i doubt i can be contacted at all). might have to do with my firewall. beg your patience.

[update 20031013: it was a client problem. now i’ve rebuilt sim from cvs sources and it seems to work fine]