State-of-the-art skiing technologies, part VI

In response to State-of-the-art skiing technologies, part V, I was informed about the Austrian edelwiser custom design ski project. You can choose from two hand-made, sandwich technology carving ski models (“Swing” and “Speed”) and design the cover sheet all by yourself! :) A great idea for creative minds, promotional purposes and as a potential prevention against thieves (-> personalize your skis by adding your full name, your e-mail address, your home page URL or similar).

In addition to the trendy life-style orientation of this concept, the skis (which are manufactured in Germany by VR) seem to be of exceptional quality (a positive review of the “Swing” model by The combination of both high quality and custom design (enabled through mass-customization via the web) somehow reminds me of Freitag F-CUT bags.

If you’re interested in test-driving edelwiser skis, there will be an edelwiser ski test opportunity in Saas-Fee, Switzerland at the end of March (contact the edelwiser team)

Spring is in the air, but skiing conditions in Switzerland are still great (sunny weather with good snow). It’s particularly good in places with glaciers like Saas-Fee or Zermatt, where you can even enjoy skiing in summer ;)

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