sonyericsson t630 instead of a smartphone

i’ve just read mobileburn’s review of the sonyericsson t630. seems to be a decent mobile phone more or less suiting my needs. of course they could drop polyphonic ringtones, games and outlook synchronization as i don’t use any of these. but the rest looks fine: it’s small, it’s handy and robust, it features a nice and bright screen and a sleek design, a good calendar/pim application and a long battery lifetime.

i’m pretty disappointed about the currently available smartphones (among them the p900). on one hand, they lack some of the features i’d really need, on the other hand they offer features i’d never use anyway:


* connectivity: wlan/ieee 802.11b (featuring a switch on/off button). there are more and more public wlan networks and i like the spreading of autonomous citizen wlan networks in urban areas. wlan is the default wireless technology both in business and private environments. my home’s default connectivity is wlan, neither bluetooth nor gprs. i wouldn’t need rs232, bluetooth or irda support if there were wlan support.
* weight and size: a lightweight & small device i can easily carry in any veston/trouser pocket. i don’t like to carry “bricks” like the p900 (or even worse: the pocketpc pdas). what’s the worth of a reminder alarm if you don’t carry your smartphone/pda with you? i’m willing to accept a smaller screen size as a trade-in.
* robustness: similarly i don’t like to carry devices in leather cases. the device should therefore be robust enough to be carried in a pocket without any wrapping.
* handwriting recognition: i’d like to be able to write as i’m used to – using normal letters, not cryptic ones such as required by most currently available devices.
* operating system: i want a relatively open os. i.e. an os that allows me to develop applications using c/c++ and java. for example it should be possible to develop a customized data synchronization tool.
* slots: it should have an extension slot for additional memory. i favor an sd slot as i already have some sd cards and they’re good value.
* battery: battery lifetime should be at least 4 days (average use)
* emission and transmission: i’d like to have low emission yet reasonably good transmission quality

don’t need:

* camera/mms: i don’t necessarily need any camera and/or mms capabilities. quality is too bad so far, so there isn’t much to gain here.
* ms-compatibility: i don’t need outlook synchronization as i don’t use outlook (better: ldap synchronisation). i don’t need ms excel or ms word mini-applications as i seldom use excel or word. if there are any such tools included, they should support open file formats (text, rtf, html, xml..).
* games: i don’t need any games on the device. they’re nothing but memory hogs for me.
* ringtones: i don’t need dozens of built-in ringtones as i only use vibra notification.

unfortunately, none of the existing smartphones comes close to my needs. amazingly, even simple mobile phones such as the t630 are more suitable for my purpose. i guess i’ll go for the latter.

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  1. Ich werde morgen versuchen, an einem Mobile-Shop vorbeizukommen, um mir eben genau das t630 zu kaufen, z.Z. echt der beste Mix aus Grösse, Features und Aussehen (und Preis).

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