ergonomically nice mice

currently i’m looking for a mouse with good usability/ergonomics and control. two promising candidates i’ve found so far:

logitech mx510 performance optical mouse (800 dpi/cpi, 5.8 mpixels/s data rate, up to 15g acceleration) (the u.s. model is red as opposed to the european model which is blue)
reviews: hardware pacers, geekextreme, extremetech, gaming nexus. brand new. should offer excellent control (it’s targeted towards hc gamers ;). eventually remove the removable little weight element [picture]

razor viper optical (1000 dpi/cpi, ?? mpixels/s, ?? g)
reviews: ex hardware, tom’s hardware. brand new. razor is renown for gamer gear. probably best control but not very handy for everyday use as it lacks back and forward buttons and other nice features the mx510 offers.

as i don’t intend to use the mouse exclusively for gaming purposes (i mostly use simulators, not fps) i’ll probably go for the logitech mx510 performance optical mouse due to its features (has more buttons).. looking forward to test-driving it :)

btw. it’s a pity that manufacturers don’t offer any truly smoothly scrolling mice.. and last but not least: i don’t like wireless mice for a number of reasons..

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