Es guets Neus!

Happy New Year to all of you! As my public pledge for 2006 I hope for more diversity in thinking and doings again (which requires a deeper understanding of differences).

Das Magazin: “Du bist der Staat”

The current issue of Das Magazin Nr. 49/10. Dez. 2005 provides some interesting outlooks on 2006 (in co-op with The Economist). Particularly noteworthy: “Du bist der Staat” by Philipp Sarasin.

A very provocative (and thus stimulating) article in the magazine is Lucy Kellaway’s “Outsourcing is out”. Her argumentation isn’t free of flaws, though.

Quick notice

I really need to update Movabletype ASAP (and a couple of other things too). I’m pretty busy at the moment, though. Stay tuned!, a nice t-shirt printing service in the Greater Zurich area

For the past X’05 Swiss marketing expo, I wanted to print some guerilla marketing promo t-shirts for us. First, I tried in the Niederdorf in Zurich. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to import my professional-grade vector graphics file (in Adobe Illustrator format) into their plotting application. I had my TabletPC with me and even simplified my design and converted it to other well-known and standardized file formats (PDF, PostScript, SVG) in order to make it easier for them (Note that I spent more than an hour in their shop waiting for them to succeed). However, they just didn’t manage it – and that’s what I call an unprofessional service, despite of kind personnel. A bummer.

So I looked for an alternative – and surprisingly I found an excellent one! :) The very recommendable t-shirt printing company is named Kami Textildruck and is located a bit outside of Zurich, in Wallisellen. They were very professional right from the beginning, with kind and correct information given on the phone and by e-mail. They had no problem at all with my graphics file and they produced our custom t-shirts within only 1.5 days (half of the time it would have taken at McShirt) for just a slightly higher price. Further, Kami uses professional printing technology which results in a much better and more durable print than that of McShirt.

Hence my predicate for Kami: highly recommended! Thanks, Kami team!

London sightseeing tips?

I’ll be off to London from 05.05.-09.05.2005. Regarding the current London agenda, all I know so far is that there will be UK elections 2005 on 5th of May (perhaps the reason why accommodation in London is so scarce ATM?).

Are there any other {unique, great, funky, unconventional} must-see events (sounds, arts, sports, tech, business,..) in London between 05.-09.? Any hints welcome! :)

Sightseeing pictures around Schwyz, the Vierwaldstättersee and Zug

As the pictures of last Friday’s private sightseeing tour in Schwyz and Zug turned out surprisingly well (considering that I shot them rather carelessly using my compact digicam, i.e. amateur gear ;), I decided to make them public. I’ve removed any pictures with close-ups of people, therefore you may freely use these pictures for any purpose (credits welcome, however):

Some pictures I like particularly (more or less in chronological order; unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the Kloster Ingenbohl SZ):

The Kollegium Schwyz (where my father went to school)

The chapel inside the Kollegium (where he had to celebrate high mass and sing in the choir way too often, as he told me ;)

The bottom of the lectern in the church of Schwyz (where he had to celebrate high mass way too often, again ;), showing the ‘Aufdermaur’ emblem (my grandma R.I.P. was an Aufdermaur)

The Ratshaus in Schwyz (SZ)

The Erlenkapelle (first built in 1485) in Ibach/Schwyz (my uncle wrote a not-yet-published chronicle about it I recently typewrote for him)

Some pics of the dock and the lakeside in Ingenbohl-Brunnen (where I happen to be citizen) at the border of the Vierwaldstättersee.

Note that there’s even a little bunker right at the foot of the famous Rütliwiese (where “Switzerland” was founded on August 1, 1291 AD according to the saga ;)

The rocky coastline of the Vierwaldstättersee (a rather deep lake with a depth of 214 m) (BTW Why go to Krabi if you can have rocky coasts in Switzerland? ;))

Bauen, a tiny village at the border of the Vierwaldstättersee where palms grow (due to the very mild climate).

Windsurfers in Flüelen (UR). The water was rather chilly despite of the sunny weather (hence the neoprene suits ;). Obviously nice winds nonetheless :)

The famous/notorious wall painting by Ferdinand Gehr (the people jokingly used to call the painted angels “Spiegeleier Gottes” [God’s fried eggs] due to their somewhat strange/simple shape reminding of fried eggs ;) in the Bruder Klaus church in Oberwil (ZG)

The lakeside and some cafes with a nice view on the lake in Zug (ZG)