farewell suse, welcome debian ;)

when upgrading suse 9.0 to suse 9.1 yesterday early morning, my workstation’s setup got screwed. it wasn’t suse’s fault (one of the cdroms was bad) but nevertheless i had to cancel a party due this unexpected incident (it was my only working desktop linux setup and therefore mission critical for my diploma thesis). as i couldn’t solve the problems, i decided to switch to debian instead (currently “testing”, will upgrade to “unstable” asap). so far, a rather positive experience. debian boots faster, debian shuts down faster and even kde 3.2 runs faster on it (despite of lacking pre-linking!). for installing it, i’ve used the new debian sarge netinst beta4 installer. had still some flaws (e.g. screen resolution was not set correctly, dns settings had to be fixed manually, keyboard settings weren’t correct), but overall, it’s surprisingly stable already.

nb. i still think that suse is doing a great job as a distro (very convenient to use and well integrated). but now as i switched to debian for my desktop, i’ll probably install debian on my tabletpc too, thus standardizing on debian and windows xp for workstations and gentoo for servers.

good news: finally, my toshiba portégé m200 has arrived at the ssd-shop :) i’ll pick it up tomorrow. i’ll use the opportunity to also order a logitech mx510 optical mouse, a lite-on 431 sx slim dvd +/- burner (external, usb 2.0) and a replacement battery for an old vaio.

[update 20040512: ssd’s supplier didn’t have the mx510 on stock, so i decided to buy it elsewhere (i need it now, not in 2 months ;).. unfortunately it’s sold out already in the only shop in zurich where i’ve seen it a couple of days ago. no surprise for me (hey, it’s the ultimate gamer mouse :), but obviously for logitech and partners. i’ve made a reservation so i’ll get it asap.
further i decided to order the lite-on 431 sx slim dvd +/- burner (external, usb 2.0) at fuerst-informatik.ch, who offered it for a really good price with (as i was told) quick delivery. further, as i’ve surprisingly noticed that my portégé m200 features 802.11b/g (not only b), i will also order a new wlan access point: linksys wrt54gs which can be equipped with embedded linux: Linux on the WRT54G, LinksysWrt54g – SeattleWireless:)]

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