Problems with commenting on this blog?

Thanks a lot for your comments! I am always eager to know about your opinions, hints and tips :)

As I’ve recently installed MT-Blacklist (a nice anti-comment-spam filter) however, it might happen that your comment doesn’t appear right after posting it. If this happens, it’s likely that MT-Blacklist has forced moderation of it due to matching anti-spam rules. First: Don’t panic! :) You don’t need to post your comment again and you don’t need to send me any e-mail message as I get notified by e-mail automatically. I will then approve your comment as soon as possible. On very rare occasions, MTB might wrongly qualify your comment as being spam and delete it right away without even notifying me. Hence, if your comment doesn’t appear within about 2 days, please send me an e-mail message.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences caused by this spam filter, but modern times (i.e. massive comment spamming) take their toll. In any case I strongly favor a spam-filter/moderation based approach over forcing people to register or disabling anonymous comments or comments at all etc. I hope you agree.

For your information, here are the most important rules of MT-Blacklist for this blog:

* both comments and trackbacks are scanned
* a master-blacklist is used
* comments by TypeKey authenticated users aren’t scanned
* duplicate submissions are blocked
* if your comment contains more than 5 URLs, your comment is force-moderated (i.e. needs to be approved by /me to appear on this site)
* if you are commenting on an entry that is older than 14 days, forced moderation applies (i.e. approval is required)

* MT-Blacklist omits an old entry from forced moderation if its last approved comment is within 2 days

I hope, these rules aren’t too disturbing for you (if so, please tell me). Happy commenting! :)

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