HTML in comments no longer allowed

As a provisional but hopefully effective additional measure against massive (24/7) comment blog spam any comments containing HTML links (<a href= etc.) will be trashed (just enter the URL instead). Thanks for your understanding.

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  1. I don’t yet understand the need for HTML in comments, although it has been requested in my blog.

    But if you *want* HTML and only disable it because of spammers, your solution is at the same time radical and ineffective.

    Radical because you remove all HTML instead of just the A element. Doesn’t Movable Type have filters that allow selective HTML elements through?

    Ineffective because converting an URL to a full link will still give the spammer an incoming link. The only advantage is that visitors will (probably) see it’s a spam link.

    I haven’t had a problem with spammers yet, but I guess if I had, I would simply hide their comments. Easily done in my little admin area :-).

  2. Sorry, the title of this entry is somewhat misleading. Actually, HTML in comments has not been allowed for a couple of months already. Unfortunately, MT didn’t seem to care much about this setting, letting pass comments using HTML tags (I don’t know why). A couple of days ago, spammers even started to randomize and obfuscate their comment spam to better bypass MT Blacklist.
    With MTB, the spam comments are rarely displayed on the blog, but the problem is that a) most of them get force-moderated which requires manual approval/deletion b) they somehow confuse my “latest comments/pings” list. So as a quick’n’dirty workaround I just added “<a href=” as a Blacklist string. I agree that this isn’t a good solution. I’m currently looking for a better one (eventually, SCode will do the trick, despite of bad accessibility).

    I beg your pardon for this inconvenience and hope to find a better solution soon. Stay tuned!

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