CeBIT 2004 gallery online

Now I’ve entered the captions of my CeBIT 2004 gallery :)

Let me point out once again, that i’ve uploaded all of the pics i’ve taken (“as is”) – no matter how bad their quality may be. I’ve just muted and converted the short movie captures (which can be found at the end of the gallery). I hope you don’t mind about their “suboptimal” quality- it’s rather impossible to avoid camera shake if the cam is as small as mine.. Some pictures are very blurry too (I probably caught the wrong focus mode).. To my excuse, I’m neither a photographer nor a film director (yet ;).

I’ll add a link to Stephan‘s pics, as soon as he put them online. He’s also taken some pictures on behalf of me as my cam’s rechargeable battery ran out of power on the second day (probably due to me taking “too many” 30fps movies ;).

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