blogspam, closed threads/postings, xml/rdf

i had to close certain threads/postings (i.e. comments can’t be added anymore) due to repetitive blog spamming. i’m sorry for that, but at the moment, this nasty work-around is the only way to cope with blog spam.

i’ve been notified (thx ben) that my xml/rdf feed is bogus. i’ll check it. i haven’t noticed this yet as i don’t use any news aggregator so far.

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  1. It’s rather an observation then a fact, you feed validates but you are missing the element in . It’s optional, but really makes it hard for aggregators, and I personaly belivee it should be ther. Also using CData is consideres bad, rather don’t use any HTML in the description at all, you want people to come to your site, right :-)

  2. oic.. that description is a remainder of early testing.. changed now. better? :)

    regarding the missing element: please elaborate (mt seems to have censored your posting)

    (btw. i didn’t edit index.xml and index.rdf myself, both are generated by mt)

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