Blog to be migrated to a new server

Just a quick update to let you know that this blog/changelog will soon be migrated to a new (faster) server.

I’ll keep (unavoidable, due to DNS changes [see comments below, ed.]) downtimes at the minimum and will inform you in advance about expected outages.

Thanks for your understanding.

2 Replies to “Blog to be migrated to a new server”

  1. If you change your A record’s TTL to a very low number, let’s say 60 ahead of your current TTL value, you should have pretty smooth transition. Also, your SSL cert is invalid :)

  2. Thanks, Andy, for pointing this out.

    You’re right, and actually, the TTL setting is at very low 20 seconds already. Theoretically, DNS caching thus shouldn’t cause any noticeable service interruption for most visitors.

    The strange thing is that I already migrated the SMTP server(s) a while ago, i.e. adjusted the MX record(s), and noticed quite a lag (of several hours) in regard to DNS refreshes, in spite of these super-low TTL setting(s). Overruling those TTL settings on the client side might be more common than I thought. Or perhaps, my current DNS provider simply failed to propagate the new IP address to its DNS servers in a timely manner. I didn’t investigate any further as I didn’t care too much, admittedly (as these aren’t customer domains and generally low-traffic servers).

    Re the invalid SSL cert: The cert is actually fine, but self-signed only. On purpose, as this is a rather unimportant server (read: not used for commercial purposes). You can always check the cert’s validity manually here using PGP though:

    For commercial/customer sites, certs signed by well-known Root-CAs are used.



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