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gee.. now even my change/b/log is getting spammed (as seen with online guestbooks before)! i’ve just noticed a – now deleted – comment entry looking like a spam message. it obviously wasn’t posted by a person but a bot running on a box at among others, it reads: “If you find this entry inappropriate please remove it from your database!”. as if spam could ever be appropriate.. darn dingo.

it’s time for spamassassin for blogs. eventhough – unlike andreas’ experiences – i’ve noticed more false negatives recently. this might have to do with several rbl shutting down service after suffering dos attacks – allegedly by spammers. furthermore, spammers become more sophisticated, now often sending image-only spam messages, preventing many text-based filtering approaches (as only the headers are left for analyzing).

another (most effective) solution would be to disable anonymous comments (which scuks). if the spamming problem persists, there’s no other choice left atm.

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