yet another experience (yae!)

fortunately, the blog you’re reading won’t let you miss even a single tiny bit of the following extremely interesting and worldshaking news:

i’ve installed windows 98se on my stone-age-notebook! oh yeah baby – that rocks! it’s the most sophisticated os you’ll ever see.

next i’ll try to install onebase linux (features, screenshots), a promising distro i’ve recently discovered on

[update: onebase seems to be very similar to gentoo (and other source-based distros) by concept. it’s just not as powerful and flexible but a bit more joe-average-friendly in exchange. now that i realized that onebase still needs to be compiled from scratch, i probably won’t test it on my notebook (as it would take too long)]

that’s all, folks!

ps. sorry, i’ve forgotten to feed the current blogger hypes! the hysteria about that french band.. uh what was its name again? some three letter thingie.. hm.. *cough* ..looks like i’m somewhat lost in translation here. further there seem to be more and more pin striped suits reading business class.. ehm.. flying, of course. apropos flying.. there’s a new virus circulating which forces bloggers prove their savoir-vivre by posting two-tone world maps. sure, that’s almost monotonous, so better publish a book with your blog’s best entries instead. don’t hesitate, the world has been waiting for it too long. or just stick with blogging and become a us-president one day ..eventually, that is. spicing up your blog with blurry pics and juddered video-feeds (a new “dogma”) may serve as afterburners.. eventually. last but not least, don’t forget to make some fun about those trend-followers, hypers and karma whores – that’s trendy and will make you superior and immortal. remember: “you’re unique, just like everybody else” :)

pps. oops, i did it.. be assured it will never happen again ;>


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