WordPress 2.8.3: Quick-fix for admin lock-out security problem

Problem description (In WP 2.8.3 and earlier, the admin password can be reset remotely without WordPress generating a new one, locking-out the admin):

[Full-disclosure] WordPress <= 2.8.3 Remote admin reset password

For a quick-fix, see:


i.e., in wp-login.php, replace the line

if ( empty( $key ) )


 if ( empty( $key ) || is_array( $key ) )

If your WordPress installation has been hacked already, here’s an emergency password reset script you can use to reset and regenerate your admin password.

A German explanation of the security bug and how to fix it can be found on heise online:

Lücke in WordPress ermöglicht Aussperren des Admins

[Update 20090812: Now that a security update is available, users are advised to update to WordPress 2.8.4]

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