wheelmice and suse 9.0

as i couldn’t post my comment on maol’s recent blog entry (eventually due to a strange konqueror weirdness), i’m posting it here:

Bei mir funktioniert die Radmaus (Intellimouse Exploder 3.0) mit SuSE 9.0 prima (x86, nicht AMD64). XF86Config-Auszug:

Section “InputDevice”
Driver “mouse”
Identifier “Mouse[1]”
Option “Buttons” “5”
Option “Device” “/dev/mouse”
Option “Name” “Autodetection”
Option “Protocol” “imps/2”
Option “Vendor” “Sysp”
Option “ZAxisMapping” “4 5”


Section “ServerLayout”
Identifier “Layout[all]”
InputDevice “Keyboard[0]” “CoreKeyboard”
InputDevice “Mouse[1]” “CorePointer”
Option “Clone” “off”
Option “Xinerama” “off”
Screen “Screen[0]”


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  1. Of course the mousewheel works – my complaint was that it doesn’t work out of the box after the installation even though SuSE detected it as a wheelmouse.
    I think I know now what’s wrong: while configuring the screen/graphics card in SAX2 it forgets about the previously made mouse configuration. Maybe SuSE 9.1 does it better, I’ll soon find out…

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