volume daemon

vold volume daemon for linux:

But there already is an automounter in Linux! Why do we need this ‘vold’?
Something I did never like about the automounter is that its auto mounting is somehow special. Devices are not mounted automatically when they are available but when they are accessed. Another point that really annoyed me was that when I plugged in my Memory Stick in Windows or in Mac OS X, I needn’t do anything else – it just worked. I plugged it in on Linux and … nothing happened (as usual..). I could live with the mount process but its not only that. The device names may change if you have more that one hotpluggable device depending on which device you plug in first.

according to clemens, vold is in fact very similar to the volume daemon ‘vold’ found on Solaris or the ‘autodiskmount’ on Mac OS X. hmm.. polling/busy waiting?

i need to check it out as soon as i find some spare time (a rare thing lately and probably also for the next few months). i wonder whether there are any synergies with the new, planned devfs replacement.. possibly. perhaps an opportunity to get rid of hardcoded devices in the “scan file”.


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