speed, apple and a broken hi-fi set

once more i’ve noticed how much faster my old (but actually fine) vaio notebook is when running lean fluxbox as window manager instead of using full-blown desktop environments such as kde or windows. as i prefer fluxbox anyway i’ll probably keep it like this for a while.

so far, i haven’t heard anything new from apple regarding their 15.2″ aluminium powerbook screen problems. this is lousy. i don’t know yet whether i should risk ordering it anyway and let apple just fix it if required. after all, i still think that both mac os x 10.3 and the new powerbooks are great things.

in other news, my hi-fi set doesn’t work properly anymore. troubles with l/r channels, low frequencies (aka “give me bass, baby”) and the audiocd drive. that’s a pity. i think it’s time to get rid of it (yep, we’re living in a “junk society”). i’m thinking about not replacing it but re-activating my workstation’s 5.1 digital surround boxes instead. i prefer listening to web-radio (lounge-radio.ch, radio42.com etc.) anyway (much better sound, no news, broader choice, international stations, no advertisement). of course it’s also more suitable for listening to mp3/ogg, audiocd etc.. hmm.. yes, i think i will soon have my do-it-yourself mediacenter pc ;)


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  1. Off topic:
    Some of my backlog comments:

    1.) VPC will be in MSDNAA, but only for PC
    2.) NZZ is just wrong again, and I didn’t even found out myself, but got tons of comments by others. 1.) WinFS is in the PDC bits, as is the Information Agent (rules based agent system) 2.) NGSCB is in the PDC bits as well, but they “choose” not to mention it. 3.) WinFS is not primarily about physical location of data, but about relationships of data items.
    3.) You blog is getting quite political :)

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