Mouse Modding II – The Ultimate Gamer Mouse

After Mouse Modding I, there’s Mouse Modding II – The Ultimate Gamer Mouse :) Heavily inspired by Heeszel’s posting on ExtremeTech:

Another point is the MX weighs more than the MS mouse. The MS weighs 3.0 oz, and the MX510 4.3 oz. I opened up the MX mouse and found a small steel weight screwed to the top cover, approximately where the logo is. This weight is exactly .5 ounces. Why would they put a weight in their mouse? I believe this is done to make the mouse appear more “solid” or “quality” to the prospective buyer in the store. It certainly would do nothing for any other purpose, such as balance.
Below is a picture of the weight, which I removed from my mouse to reduce weight.

With the extra-weight removed, the Logitech MX510 Performance Optical Mouse is The Ultimate Gamer Mouse :) Highly recommended! :)

Disclaimer: You probably void your mouse’s warranty when doing this. You do everything at your own risk – do not blame me if something goes wrong. Unplug the mouse before opening its case.

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