Google’s “cruft” on my desktop

On my (apart from this, great [1]) new Lenovo ThinkPad T60p business notebook, several Google “tools” are pre-installed which neither make sense for me nor likely for anybody else who uses his notebook for serious work (I thought “business” actually implies “serious work”, doesn’t it? ;). These apps are either bothersome attention seekers (like that message center displaying nag pop-ups with latest world news headlines every couple of minutes), unnecessary battery killers and hard disk fragmenters (like the desktop search tool) or otherwise useless tools like an image management app or an IE toolbar (I need to keep IE as authentic as possible. For my daily work, I use Firefox). Now I need to uninstall these apps manually piece-by-piece.

Lenovo: Please refrain from pre-installing such silly software toys on your business notebooks. Be assured that business users tend to know exactly what software they need and want to be most productive. Thanks.

[1] Of course I deactivated the “integrated security chip” and the finger print reader


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