Firefox getting fat

I’m not pleased with the changes introduced with Firefox 2.0

  • Instead of getting better, Firefox just got fatter and slower (more and more reminding of a fat, dumb Mozilla than an agile and smart fox)
  • The new default theme mimics the silly Windows Vista look with all the glares, the blurry “Web 2.0” (sic!) edges, borders and icons.
  • Although a good thing from a didactic point of view, having “close” buttons on each tab is very unhandy: It takes too much valuable horizontal space, it’s more likely that one accidentally closes a tab instead of selecting it, it doesn’t improve usability as one could always close a tab by clicking on it with the middle mouse button, the very handy button on the right of the tab bar is now missing.

I’ve downgraded to Firefox 1.5 again.


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