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Installed Bugzilla and Trac and a couple of other dev tools to complete the first development and runtime environment infrastructure of our[1] upcoming startup company (which will revolutionize quite some things in the blogosphere, if successful :)

If you take a close look at common OSS dev tools, it’s astonishing how limited most of them are. They usually follow a conservative, traditional “me too” approach to accomplish their tasks – despite of foreseeable drawbacks. I’d like to see more inventive and courageous approaches that lead to unconventional, but finally superior software instead of having a variety of very similar tools which are limited by design. It’s worth to take the time to think deeply about different (and also radically new :) approaches before digging into coding matters.

[1] So far, Ben’s and mine (interested to join? Contact us!)

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  1. thanks, wishing you good luck too!

    regarding trac: unfortunately, it’s a very basic bug tracking tool only. predominantly suitable for a single, preferably small, entirely public (oss) or private project using svn. for distributed, multi project dev teams and in mixed public/private environments, using bugzilla is more advisable.

  2. thanks Michael. I’ve taken a look at your online demos. To me, TP looks like a more advanced bug tracking system than trac (though lacking a SVN view), particularly suitable for XP/ASD/RAD. OTOH, it’s not as powerful as bugzilla and isn’t available for free (at least not the TargetProcess:Suite). Unfortunately, the freely available version, TargetProcess:Planning, has way too few features to be of any use for us (it’s really too much stripped-down to the bones.. I suggest to include at least basic bug tracking features).

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