Angelic CMS ;)

There’s a new “Wikiblog-Blogwiki” called EngelWiki:

Those features are:

1. Everybody can read and comment the EngelWiki content, but only registered users can add and change existing content. To become a member you can ask one of the members to create you a login.
2. The contents of the EngelWiki are called pages (like in a Wiki). They are versioned and additional files like images, audio, video, pdf … can be added to the page. Following the permalink of a page you get links to all versions and attachments of that page.
3. The content of a page is formatted using WikiSyntax.
4. The WikiSyntax allows you to use WikiWords?. When creating a new page, you can give your page a title and a WikiWord?. Through the WikiWord? you can link to that page (always the latest version). When you want to link to an older version, you can use the permalink.
5. Aside from the pages there are profiles. A profile is a page of a user. Only he/she can change the contents of the page according to his/her ideas.
6. The orientation in the navigation bar helps to give an overview over all the Pages, Profiles and files in the File Garden.

Elke, I am looking forward to test-driving it on! :)