Animated Driving Directions using Google Maps Street View

A simple and yet fascinating and useful example app by Keir Clarke (@keirclarke) for all those many people who don’t have a Google Nexus One mobile phone yet (or any other similarly powerful turn-by-turn navigation device):

Google Maps Street View API Driving Directions Example

E.g. for driving directions on how to get from Zurich Airport to Printscreen GmbH‘s homebase by car(*), enter

From: Zurich-Airport

To: Heinrichstr. 223, Zurich

Speed: Choose Medium or Fast

And hit the “Route” button to display a map and list with driving directions.

Then click on “Drive” to see an animated simulation of your drive on Google Maps Street View.

Great, isn’t it? Now imagine this would be a seamless video..

P.S. If you’re looking for ideas for a road trip, consider taking this Grand Tour in Italy (and Switzerland and France). (Even better: Go by train and other public transport and you won’t even need a car or driving directions ;)

(*) Note: I’d strongly suggest using public transport instead. It’s almost as fast (during rush hour even faster), cheaper and tends to be more relaxing.

Easy user navigation on mobile GUIs

Getting mobile UIs right

BTW, I have a rather unconventional (but probably the more interesting) idea how to make user navigation on small, mobile devices (such as mobile phones) much more user-friendly. Particularly in those cases, where current approaches lack the most (e.g. with mobile web browsing). And guess what, it doesn’t even require any new sensors or any other hardware that isn’t there already :) (Contact me, if interested.. ;)